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JAZ Terrazzo Polish repair & rejuvenate floor surfaces offering our clients an A to Z Customer Service. We ensure a high standard of workmanship is carried through to completion and aim to satisfy our customers with A-grade service, utilising quality Italian equipment & products. We walk you step by step through our working procedure so you can be confident that we will meet your needs from start to finish. The Klindex floor polishing machinery known for its fine reputation, clever design & quality, is what permits us to provide you with the highest quality floor finish along with experience & dedicated workmanship. We keep ourselves up to date with the latest technology and innovations, allowing us to provide you with the best finish possible. Get in touch today on 0403 792 360 for a fast and free no-obligation quote.
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Our terrazzo team of experts is top rate in the industry with extensive experience and expertise in working with all aspects of terrazzo floors. The latest techniques and modern technologies are used at JAZ Terrazzo Polish to ensure the beauty of the tiles is retained for years and years. At JAZ Terrazzo Polish we provide a team of fully certified specialists who have years of experience and knowledge in all types of Surface Polishing to help achieve desired results in any home or business in the Adelaide area. Utilising only the best machinery when it comes to surface polishing, we ensure the best results.